2 x OP-Z

Hi has anyone used 2 OP-Z together?

Ive been offered another OP-Z and was wondering how they would sync up together and what would the benefits of having 2 if any


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I think they can do fine…thinking about one with the line and the other with the oplab module…

one for sequencing my modular and the other for fx send/return and visuals only :upside_down_face:

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I own two OP-Z units, and they work great together. I acquired an additional one to have more tracks and sounds to play with. Additionally, the MIDI integration between them works smoothly. One thing to note is that changing patterns on one device doesn’t automatically update the other, but you can simply use chaining to address this minor issue effectively. I would advise some caution in purchasing one new right now because when I contacted TE about a battery replacement, they said they didn’t have any available and didn’t anticipate restocking them in the future. which might suggest something significant on the horizon :crossed_fingers:

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Many thxs for the reply :+1:

Forgot to mention that USB-C to USB-C works for audio and midi

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That’s great so that’s how u connect them together I take it?

yeah i do the same, i have a second one that i use for visuals only mostly, along with some other basic stuff.

i’ve also had a live set for many years where the first op-z is more of a generative pad/texture machine, and then the second op-z is used for beats, splitting everything between the 20 available projects over the 2 devices then.


OP-Z is such a great sequencer and fx unit, kills all GAS immediately when it comes down to a sequence-able send/return fx unit with the addition to control everything really precisely when using it with yarns for instance.

the ratcheting and stop & go behavior with some step component logic is still outstanding (even tho Elektron tries to catch up) but the feature set of the OP-Z, especially in a combo is still far ahead of this time and it’s 6years old :cowboy_hat_face::rotating_light: much love

sequence your Elektrons and you’ll notice :zap: