2 years and still kicking >=] SIGN HERE if you got lucky and never had a problem with your OP-1.

Heh heh heh… I’ve had enough of horror stories. Had mine 2 years now and use it very extensively on specific occasions. Never had a problem. I’m gentle with the input jacks, recharge only when needed, only load the custom synths and drumkits that are needed, and avoid installing dodgy firmware the moment it comes out. Hopefully this doesn’t jinx it lol. In my experience, Treat it nice and keep it tidy and she’ll never let you down.

Merry Christmas too! Bring on 2015 and the PO-12!


I throw it around, mash the button , swing it around on a strap, when I travel with it it goes bare back (no case). I got dared by a mate of mine that I was talking too much about my OP-1 being a weapon, that I would not dare to hit anyone with something so expensive…I knocked him out cold with it and continued to merrily play a short victory tune afterwards.

Still going strong…touch wood…

you’re pretty much implying the rest of us with broken mics/speakers manhandle the jacks @JohnSmith and that’s a bit of a dick move. I used my line in less times than I can count on one hand, and nice and gentle, before my mic failed.

Sorry to shit on this thread since it was meant to be “enough of the horror stories” but I treat my OP-1 like a princess and it still gives trouble on occasion :wink:

But congrats to anyone that has an OP-1 still working 100% you’re probably closer to norm than the rest of us with our beloved cripples :smiley:

I purchased mine 602 days ago and don’t have any problems so far. I travel with it and use it pretty regularly but keep it clean, dry and safe. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

Never had a severe problem too… When I was reading the thread I thought about that guy from the old forum who threw it on the floor by accident and the tile broke…

Mine is going strong, and it will be two in January. The painted “OP-1” logo on the right side is rubbing off a bit, but that’s it. The one criticism I have is that the two-year standby claim is not true.

Well, I had one problem, but it was my own fault. I dropped it with the headphones in and it broke the i.o card. Chalk that one up to user error. Never had a serious problem otherwise. Just to note, TE was super helpful in helping my find the I.O card and installing it.

not a one

I’m coming up close to 3 years with no problems (except the usual charging quirks)

Had my mic break twice, like KrisM I treat it carefully, use good quality connector for the line in, and actually do not use the line in too often, but still the IO board had to be fixed twice. If it happens again I will fix it myself, now that we know the line in jack is the culprit.

Mines a year old and he’s fine. I dropped him on tiles once and chipped the tile, a few keys popped off but they clicked back on perfectly well.

I bring it everywhere for 4 months now, never thought it could get harmed as it seems rather robust.

The cap of the volume knob is missing but doesn’t affect the sound much ^^
Second hand 1-year old OP-1 I think.

Been lucky so far with mine.

Another happy user here. Using the original case also.

Two years in my possession and I bought it used. Not a single problem yet.

@burnthair, me too 2nd hand and still kicking strong. amazed at the baterry performance more that anything, such a stellar little keyboard.