2015 holiday season deals?

i kept my eye on a similar thread about holiday season sales and deals last year.

although i don’t have anything major to report or add at the moment, if i see something GAS worthy, i will post it up here.

if anyone sees a great deal on Elektron devices, for example…i’m considering expanding my rig to include some more Swedish gear.

but also, if there are any other deals that are too good to pass up…don’t hesitate to post!

I noticed that the Presonus iTwo (and iTwo Studio bundle) have been well reduced at all official dealers.

I’d personally recommend this as a fantastic little audio interface.
The headphones and mic in the Studio bundle are also great value for money.

Here’s a link to the news article.


Lets set some rules for this thread otherwise it could become a nightmare trying to find deals amidst conversation.

Keep general conversation OUT of the thread.

Clearly post the name of the items for sale or that shop that’s having the discounts
and include a direct link to offer(s).

All the

Keith McMillan
stuff is quite cheap on their website. Tempting to pick up a
qunexus for 109$


All through November


All through November


Although I got an email from them that they had to take it down from the store do to a severe bug, they said they would honor the deal when it's back online

jrrshop has some pretty great deals under Sale specials - Black Friday (have to log in)

Korg Electribe/sampler - 280
Volca Bass - 105
Novation Bass Station II - 285
Jbl lsr308 - 175
and a few more…


Jrrshop also has the Mopho SE for $589.99, which is pretty insane… I have the x4, nice keyboard for what it is.

I’m glad I’m broke so I don’t need to pay attention to any of these deals… maybe I can get a few bucks knocked off the Volca Sample…

Red Dog Music are offering 1 in 20 online customers their money back on thursday & friday.

Red Dog Music is my local music store and a company well worth supporting. Their customer service and friendliness is second to none. There’s not the usual pretentiousness you sometimes get when you go into other music stores.

1 in 20 gamble is well worth a chance if you were thinking of buying something at the moment anyway :wink:

Looks like there’s 9 hours to go on this: Pocket Operators mega pack sale!

£100 off.


Moogmusic had some discounts going I heard…probably USA only though

Just had this from Roland;

“We are offering a 30% discount for SYSTEM-1 Software Synthesizer.
Save your money and get SYSTEM-1, the user-friendly synthesizer with an extreme mighty sound…
This special offer ends on December 2, 2015.
Don’t miss it !”

Moog (http://www.moogmusic.com/) thing is;

10% off clothing, accessories & merchandise.

You need to enter TURKEYMOOG10 at checkout. Sorry, thought it might have been more exciting!

There are some nice Moog discounts in the US at www.Sweetwater.com. 20% off Vogager XL, Werkstatt, and Theremini.

Beastep Pro for $189 USD http://www.proaudiostar.com/arturia-beatstep-pro-drum-machine-step-sequencer.html

Teenage Engineering have a great deal on Pocket Operators.

250$ get you all three with cases and 3 cables. Quite a bargain.

A lot of good iOS deals out there: Animoog (now £7.99), Korg synths (£10.99), etc.

Not sure if it’s because of black friday but on amazon.it Op-1 it’s 770euro.


ELEKTRON are offering 10% OFF the A4 and RYTM until the end of december.

I was kind of hoping that they were going to do the same 15% off they did last year as that brings these boxes down to just above what they sell second hand for sometimes so well worth grabbing at that price.