243 stops Oplab board working with OP-1?!?

Can any Oplab BOARD owners confirm that if the OP-1 is on 243 Oplab no longer works correctly if OP-1 is connected?

I could not get Oplab working at all when OP-1 was connected, all output stopped, even clock maker (mode 4) by chance I disconnected OP-1 and rebooted Oplab and it was all working again, until I connected OP-1.

Anyway I rolled back to 242 on the OP-1 and it all works again now.

Before I send in a bug report I’d appreciate of any other Oplab owners can confirm, I suspect it is the audio over USB which is causing Oplab to malfunction, I notice that Oplab does not like the OP-Z either probably for the same reason.


I can confirm. Same issue here/solution(downgrade).

Once op1 plugged into usb then the oplab freeze.


I sent in a report, hopefully TE will update Oplab and fix the issue and so that it also works with OP-Z too.


thought that it was me doing something wrong, same problem.

it works excellent with the OP-Z when you use the Mini USB port!

with OP1 on 234 it isn’t working on the OG Oplab.

I think the new firmware and USB Audio driver is more complex and therefore the Oplab can’t detect either Op1 or OpZ, they both share the same USB Audio code, or at least TE said it’s highly inspired by the Z and they’ve learned from the recent development.

the OG oplab is such a unique tool that they should consider to update it, even if it’s out of production!

I love that brick

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Probably worth you guys sending in a bug report too.

@JohnnyEgo yeah the mini port works but that is where the computer is connected, a bit of a ball ache to only be able to use Z or PC at a time especially given there is a free port that does not require a mini b to type c cable, rather than just using the included usb cable.

I hope they do update the Oplab to work properly with the OP-1 and Z, seems only reasonable.

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Just submitted a ticket. Here’s a link for other owners: Submit a request – teenage engineering support


Done. Submitted my request 22nd of july.


Big cheers for the info x
Working! (On recent opz update)

Well this is a bummer. I will def be downgrading my op1 firmware now. I highly doubt they will update the oplab firmware since I’ve asked for an update a couple years ago and they said nope.

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Well hit them up with a bug report still, the more people who do the more likely either the OP-1 or Oplab will get a fix, even if they put a option on the OP-1 to disable the USB audio when connecting to Oplab that would be something, after all you can’t connect to audio over USB if connecting to Oplab anyway.

Got a reply that it is being forwarded to the dev team, so hopefully a fix is coming.


OP-1 firmware #246 still has the same problem :frowning:

I was talking to the TE guys on last superbooth and the knew about the problem.
Maybe they should open source it to prevent it from becoming just electronic waste?