3 pack colored hard cases for pocket operators

I found a 3 pack of colored hard drive cases for $11.99 on Amazon that make great cases for Pocket Operators. There’s room for the original box/instructions, batteries, sync cable, earbuds, and more.




I got one of these for my po-12 , foam interior to save from shocks !

@Dirtybuzz Nice, would you have any picture? I am looking for 3 cases, I’m travelling with the three PO’s and each time I look into my bag one of them is on, even though they are in a small pouch (but all together, screens on the outside to prevent from scratches). Your solution could be the one, depending on the size :wink:

Ill upload a photo when Im home from work! Just bought the PO-14 so ill need another case :slight_smile:


Her you go ! Protected and snug

It looks like I found my solution, thank you @Dirtybuzz!


This case works pretty well. You have to snap off the hanger but it’s a nice tidy fit.