30% discount code for OP-1 drum kits until end of June

Hey guys, here is a discount code for my OP-Druma kits, it will work until the end of the month of June. https://sellfy.com/p/JbxQ/-summer-madness/

DrumA is a set of analog drum and percussion sounds made on the Elektron Analog Four, you get 11 Kits comprised of 128 samples, usual price is £7 but with the discount it is £4.90 if you use the link above (just copy and paste into browser)


Brief demo here just running through sounds OP-Druma demo sounds Analog Four samples for OP-1 by Daren Ager | Free Listening on SoundCloud listen on big speakers or headphones to hear properly :wink:

I’m impressed, those are drums sounds I am almost sure I can reproduce with the AR synth engine !

Very nice work @darenager !!

Just for my information, how much time did you spend crafting these amazing sounds ?

@LyingDalai Thanks! I made these before the AR was announced, I recently got an AR myself but I still prefer the A4 for analog drum sounds, it has more scope I think - at least until Elektron add some more machines to the AR perhaps :slight_smile: I do love the sample playback of the AR though.

I can’t remember exactly how long I spent on them as it was a gradual thing, probably over 100 hours at a guess. I made some sounds, tweaked and eventually compiled them into a set from probably around 200 sounds, trying to avoid too much overlap and offer a good useful range of sounds for most styles of music.

The feedback I have had on the A4 pack has been phenomenal even some very well respected producers have bought them which I was very pleased about. So I decided to compile them as samples for the OP-1 which took around 20 hours further to record, name and build into kits, but so far the OP-1 pack has not been very popular, probably because there are lots of free packs for the OP-1 already (including lots that I made). So I thought why not try a promo, to see if it is worthwhile to make more kits on a commercial basis for the OP-1 in the future.

I re-read what I wrote above, I meant "those are sound I CANNOT reproduce with the AR".
You did some good work here, Daren.

I love the AR for the sample playing, though it's a bit limited (BRR is useful for snares only, what a joke ;)
The machines are mostly OK, but there is room for better synthesis, it's rather weird that the A4 can do better. Well, I know I'll discover some deeper tricks but your sounds make me feel like the AR is rather naked, on the synth side.
In the other hand the Mute/Scene/Perf pads are really fun to play with.
In fact I am really fond of the overall interaction offered by the AR, that's why I got it and in this aspect it's soooo good.
Pads are not fine to hit a beat, they are too resistant IMO but I make do :)

OP-1 is very cool but it lacks this flexibility, I think. I feel like being able to change the parameters while playing is a key for live playing.
And I can't seem to make it sing with the Elektron beasts. Not for synchronized/live stuff at least.
Even a Volca Sample in this regard is better fitted. I'm not sure what is lacking. Maybe the USB-MIDI stuff is to blurry for me at the moment. I have not tamed it yet.

I am currently reading Gordon Reid's Synth Secrets, and I know before the end of the year I'll get a new synth with MIDI inputs/outputs and preferably a good sequencer, A4 or MnM I guess... Or maybe a shiny little Blofeld, I don't know yet. But infinite digital lansdcapes still frighten me a bit ^^

I'll buy your kit cause I'm tired of what I loaded so far in the OP-1 and the AR, and your sounds are really great.
But I ambition to learn to craft such sounds myself !
If I had an A4 already, I'd get the A4 kit : I guess by studying your presets I would learn a lot of tricks quickly ;)

Cheers mate !