30 Minute Beat Making on the OP-1


Something I like about the OP-1 is how quickly you can put together music, and I’ve experimented with this a few times - making beats in 20 or 30 minutes.

Has anybody else done similar? (Bonus points if you have a video). I always find it useful watching how other folks construct their songs/tracks, as it can inspire me to try out different things. Thanks for sharing!


Hey thank you for these, I was hoping you could telll me on the mods (well I can’t find out how to do it) of having the timeline on the top instead of down the bottom as normal, looks so much better to my eyes
I’m on the latest Os

u need

and the rather long thread about all that

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Thanks! There’s a really useful tutorial on how to install the custom firmware that lets you enable the mods over on this channel:

It explains it all step by step.