3D printed accessories

So I figure it's a small group that this is applicable to, but I thought I'd start a thread about custom OP-1 accessories.

Right now I'm working on making the stock OP-1 accessories. True, TE offers the STL files for theirs, but they're not at all designed for printing on typical FFF printers. (theirs I assume are injection molded; only very high-end 3D printers could print them exactly like TE provides)
Inspired by theirs, I'm designing mine from scratch, to be fully printable. no glue or anything required.
I'm printing the first prototype of a custom Crank right now; if that works, the Bender will be super easy, since I can re-use the component of it that fits on top of the OP-1's knob. When the design's complete, I'll post it to Thingiverse for anyone else with access to a 3D printer.

And when I make other progress, I'll post it here.

custom stuff I've found that other people have made:
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:31064 The TE crank design, slightly modified for printability (requires glue)
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:33332 A nice little stand, I'll probably print one sometime.

Take 1. It's close, but not yet usable. The crank doesn't fit on the OP-1 knob. My snap-fit pin idea didn't work, so I'm trying a different variation now. Also the center pin isn't the right height, minor error, but might as well fix it. The notches around the crank handle also don't extend as far up as I had intended.
(Take 2 is printing in the background)

Also, btw, at the settings I used, this took 40mins to print 2 sets of crank parts.

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Take 2, I trimmed down the dimensions, nearly halved the print time. It almost works (it’s usable, at least).

Could still be a better fit on the knob. The crank handle attachment also needed some rethinking, it still doesn’t spin freely.

Printing Take 3 right now.
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Take 3 was almost perfect, the handle was just loose.

So take 4, plus take 1 of the Bender:

It’s pretty much a perfect fit on the crank, if anything a bit tight, it pulls the knob off the encoder when the crank is removed. but that’s not a big deal.
The Bender, it came out loose on the knob. So that when the rubberband centered it again, the play in the fitting would prevent the encoder from returning to the centered position. I’ll try it again sometime, at the moment I don’t see it as useful or fun as the crank.

Here’s the crank on Thingiverse:
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the knobs cab come of with the original production accessories…

Ah. so it’s all good then.

But seriously, this opens up some new possibilities for expressiveness, in the LFO, sequencer, and tape.

I’m not too interested in the bender and brick shaft things. Anyone have any other ideas for custom accessories?

In my experience crank is the only actually useful (beyond the initial two minutes of amusement) accessory. I have mine almost always on the blue knob…

We are working on this too!


I’ll post some more as soon as we make them :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,
I recently purchased an OP-1 device and I have to say that I am extremely satisfied. Over time, I became interested in getting the accessories and as it is well said in this thread, TE indeed makes the .stl files available to us
As a chemical engineer specializing in polymers and 3D printing technician, there are multiple factors that affect the quality of the final parts when printing the .stl files and that can cause the size defined by the .stl file to not match the size defined by the .stl file. the actual printed size. And these parameters can change from one country to another due to the climate, temperature, relative humidity, machine that is being used…
Through trial and error, I have managed to print the triple stand as well as all the accessories with very good quality (see photos) and I offer them through the following links at a reasonable price that is very different from TE. I have verified that they work well and fit perfectly.

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