3D Printed Transport / Storage Grid

I made a grid type thingy for storing and transporting pocket operators:

This is the thing used in a container:

It’ll stop the PO buttons being pressed and the device waking up all the time.

I can share the 3D files and maybe make the grid thingy available on Shapeways if there’s interest? I’ve modelled versions for 4 and 6 POs.


That’s cool dude. Nice job!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve looked into having these printed through Shapeways, and they’d cost $40 without me making anything out of it - that won’t really work.

If anybody wants to print their own, here’s the STLs: Dropbox - po_holder_stl.zip - Simplify your life

Nice idea, but why space them so far apart? Also, that looks like a really good quality print, so what 3D printer are you using to get a finish like that?

Can’t really get much closer in this configuration :frowning: I’d have to arrange them differently for having the potentiometers not run into this problem, I’m not sure I’d be able to make it take up less space like that - there’d be wasted space to the sides instead of in between…

The printer is a Prusa I3 MK3S+, really a great one. Sadly not mine, but I have free access to it for now.

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Ah right, I see what you mean at that angle regards the space, nice work! I’ve looked at Prusa printers but not sure I’ve seen that model specificallly so will check out some videos. Been wanting one on and off for some time now but never get around to it!

Looks very tidy for an extrusion print, very nice!