4 piece band releases soundtrack to ODing on OP-1

Hello, operator-1 forum. I’m a long time creeper here. I just wanted to share this album my friends and I worked on for the past couple of years. Our use of the OP-1 is unlike most tracks from users here in that it’s not contained entirely in the OP-1, but the spirit of the machine carries through (or so we hope). A lot of inspiration comes from basic looping and manipulation of live “jams” spot-captured on the OP, which is then used as a foundation for a song. Many of the leads and digital elements throughout are thanks to our beloved OP, as well as manipulations of the master, guitars, vocals, bass, misc samples, loops, drums, etc. What I’m trying to say without too much wind is the OP-1 is the greatest little thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. I feel super lucky to have stumbled upon it and then this forum where you all showed how much fun it could be and convinced me that it was worth the price tag. So Thanks to you all for opening that door!

If you check out the album, dig it and want to support, enter the discount code “op1” for 25% off.

wolftherabbit.com has the full A/V version in case I can’t get the bc video embed to work.

Cool! If I’m reading you right, then this is exactly how I use the OP-1 on my own band too. :slight_smile:


It sounds really great. You guys have a super cool, unique sound. Excellent drummer.