4 tracks out from OP-1 F to 4 TX-6 channels via USB possible?

Hi, still a newbie here…
I searched a lot but did not find an answer yet to make a decision…

I’m hesitating to go for a TX-6 in addition to my OP-1F and here is why:
What I really would like to do is sending all 4 tracks from the OP-1F to 4 separate channels on the TX-6. Via USB. Doing the mixing down on the TX-6 to an USB-stick or another recorder.
Advantage for me would be to see the tape screen on the Field all the time (besides manipulating FX) and not having to switch screens between tape and OP1 mixer that often.

Any input very much appreciated!

One more thing: I’d like to have tape markers (like little pieces of paper we put between the windings on the real tape machines in old times, only more accurate now). Yes, I know something can be done by watching the loops moving. Could be realized by pressing i.e. the pots from left to right to set markers to track 1 to 4. I forwarded that to TE - don’t know if I’m the only one liking that idea.


AFAIK you cannot send 4 tracks via usb - in fact i can’t even send 1 in a reliable way. i see and hear the audio in the main display on tx-6, but no evidence of audio in on any of the tracks/VU meters.

More bad news, I don’t think you can use the TX-6’s USB port for both recording to USB memory and doing something else, like talking to the OP-1f.

I seem to remember trying to use a USB-C hub to facilitate a connection to a computer and onboard recording, and in that case it didn’t see the memory any more. Maybe I did it wrong. I’d love to be wrong about this.

Ups. My bad. USB in and same time out… I see.
But to the main out I was hoping anyway.

Thanks for clearing this up for me!
So I‘ll just hope for that feature and wait before buying the TX-6… I would have loved to justify an order already now!

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