808 Bass Kicks

anyone know the name/where to get the bass kicks in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5KUeS2wcOE ?

sorry for the newb question, just trying to find deep bass like so, so i can make trap/hiphop type beats.

if this has been discussed before (i googled, and searched on here), then i will go ahead and delete the thread.

fyi, just got my op-1 2 days ago, i must say i love it!! made some sick beats already.

Hey buddy!

Welcome aboard! He’s probably using the Nepheton by D-16. It’s a VST of the classic Roland 808 drum machine. They also have the Nithonat and Drumazon which are emulations of the 606 and 909 respectively. The 808 has the phattest kick imo.

The portamento he uses should be easy to copy with a VST. Alternatively, you could use samples. Goldbaby and his free stuff is a great source to get you started. http://www.goldbaby.co.nz/freestuff.html

Here’s the link to the drum VST;

Good luck on your endeavours!