808's n Heartbroke

I’ve just joined the forum and i want to say thank you and shout out to this community of dedicated users. Now, I use my Op-1 for beat making primarily; mostly hip-hop for now. And due to advances in sound and what actually goes into these beats nowadays i was hoping any one had a drum kit with some really hard hitting 808’s. I went to another site for the samples themselves but because they were single files they would get broken up across the keys one clap or one kick. As is the setup of the Op-1 ineed on file with everything on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Not tryna go crazy(or maybe), jus tryna be as versatile as possible without a computer.

*one file

Try goldbaby 808 tape sample pack
To merge the samples in a single file, diy with audacity or op1 drum utility for mac

Audacity, Plz break this down, i don’t have a mac

Here’s a link to the Drum Utility that SLOTH is talking about.

The (VST?) plugin is both for PC and Mac.

You’ll need a VST Host program or something like Ableton Live / Cubase etc to run it.

Drag your samples into the utility, one for each key.
Then click the EXPORT button and it’ll output an .aif file that you can import into your OP-1 and all drum sounds are mapped to keys.

It’s an awesome little utility. VERY handy!

Thank you my friend. So if i don’t have a DAW in which to run it, im sorta screwed right?

na the drum utility runs standalone

Bet Bet Preciate it really all have been helpful.

I use a free program, VSThost to run the drum utility :slight_smile:

Ijus found about every drum icould possible need on the op-1 drumkit page on soundcloud but the first suggestions have already been put in motion. Thanks everyone, you’ll be hearing from me soon.

Just came across Arumik Orta (Taro Kimura ?)'s soundcloud yesterday, it’s full of free drumkits crafted especially for op-1 !

Maybe you’ll find the one that suits your need :smiley:
kimura taro | Free Listening on SoundCloud