81 Battle – Sample Challenge Voting

voting ends in 1 week on 6/14/22 11:59 pm HST.

it’s a three way contest, with these top tracks to vote on:


good luck everyone!

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My vote goes to @ssam, I really dig your vibe. And I tend to appreciate short tracks lately.

I have been pretty busy lately, I stil make music but can’t gather enough time for battles with what’s left of energy :hot_face:
So yeah, congratulations everyone for finishing a track!


Couldn’t make it for this battle cause I had my OP-1 borrowed by a friend, but enjoyed the entries! I love how @psound74 sound has his distinctive hard panned sound, @ssam kept it tidy clean and short. I voted for @joeyfivecents for the interesting addition of fuzz guitar backwards and resampled in the op-1 I think?

yes, exactly

congrats @joeyfivecents

looking forward to battle 82

thanks everyone! Let’s try to make this next one huge! I’d like to include the op-1 field; maybe that will attract some more entries.


Now I have to come up with an interesting brief. Give me a few days.

Congratulations to you @joeyfivecents!

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New Battle brief coming soon…

EDIT: I’m having a really hard time coming up with an idea. I’m gonna look back through some of the earlier Battles and see if that doesn’t inspire me. My goal is to have a Battle brief out by this weekend. Sorry for the delay. If anyone has any good ideas, message me.