ℬÅ✞✝ℒℰ 56 + Emoji-usic


Done! The short version…
Samples are from me frying an egg ? and waving the pan like the cook.
Also some short vocal samples of some of my records.
The rest is played by me without sequencers except the Hihats. Only Op-1 engines.

Thanks to @emote for the fun.
Great track by @kln by the way, hope we’re not the only ones this time, ha!

My emojis: The fried egg cook, the Ladies (Singers) and the guy for the gangster vibe.




Microwave Op1 beat - Emoji’s: Cassette, Question mark & Smiley face.
All sounds come from cassette, picked cassette used for main melody rhythm roulette style. Bought the cassettes in a ‘lot’ online for $1 a piece, it ended up being Barbara Streisand. Sampled 1st 12 seconds of song off cassette (drums come from another cassette). Beat seems happy, which is where the smiley face comes in.
Made the beat today, started about 5 hours before posting, first Op-1 beat. Glad I challenged myself, had fun with this.


Nice @mixrasta <3 Love yours as well!

You guys kicked my ass.
Im ok with that tho :slight_smile:

Its inspiring to hear what can be done with just the op1, both of you did a great job!


GUYS! These are sounding great, do we want to take this into judging now or leave it open maybe for a few more days?
What you all saying? Great work @dj_KLN @mixrasta @Sharris


Thank you both! :slight_smile:
I have no problems with extending the deadline. It’s already tradition here!

Just saw you posted one as well @Sharris
I’m gonna give it a listen later, cool!


I’m fine with leaving it open incase anyone else wants to join in.


@emote - extension is ok with me too.

@mixrasta @Sharris - nice, quality tracks. just had my first listen today. want to have another good listen to both tracks, as they were quite well done.

hope some other OP-1ers join in!


That’s really a nice Cosy tune you’ve done there @Sharris


Thanks for the kind words guys :slight_smile:
I created something that I really liked using only op-1 synths & sounds, but it was just a 8 bar loop. I went back to finish it this weekend, but realized I forgot to save the synth sounds I made (still getting used to the ways of the Op-1 :slight_smile: Sunday morning I watched this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHSYCOxeeUU), which inspired me to use cassette’s. I didn’t have much time & I can flip samples quicker than I can work with synths, so thats the route I took. Picked at random, but… I admit if it was complete shit I wouldve picked another song or cassette & replaced the question mark emoji with something else :wink:


Wow thats big. Sorry, I thought it would just list the youtube channel




@emote said:
Cool, thanks - I might be able to do something! :slight_smile:


So… It’s almost the 17th, anyone has sth to deliver?


@mixrasta said:
So… It’s almost the 17th, anyone has sth to deliver?
Sorry, real life complicated my plans, but I will at least know how to use my OP-1 more productively/effectively for the next challenge!


I’m ready for the next challenge :slight_smile:
Does this work like other forums? The winner starts the next challenge?

I really like both beats…both have great qualities…
both had my head bobbin…
worst part of these battles for me is voting.


Yes, but @emote has to open up a new thread for voting and then we can continue!