Hey guys. So considering we’ve only got three contenders this time around, but they’re all excellent tracks! J
We have them all in for the win. Let the voting begin.

@kln https://soundcloud.com/dj_kln/unrequited-love

@mixrasta https://soundcloud.com/mixrasta/gangster-spiegelei

@Sharris https://soundcloud.com/user-255622253/op1-emoji-battle

Deadline is October 26.

So… then my vote goes to @kln.
I like the old Hip Hop vibe. And of course I know the Beatnuts song from around '97. I even used to own the LP back then :slight_smile:

Also greetings to @Sharris for his piece of cosyness!

@mixrasta - really cool stuff. scooby doo mystery spy action video game lfo soul jam.

@Sharris - groovin loopy backyard bbq & beer good time summer memory with Babs. great entry dude. look forward to hearing you killing it, once you get more used to the OP workflow, and spend more than 5 hours on your track.

both quality entries. voting wise, i will go with the spy action thriller vibe. @mixrasta

@emote - :v: for the ? hosting!

I figured I would be the tie breaker :wink:

I promise I’ll vote tonight,
I just want to listen to both a few more times.
I really like aspects of both.

& thanks for the kind words guys,
I will def be back for more!
Battles are a great way to master a piece of gear,
plus they’re a lot of fun!

Stay tuned…

Overall I’m goin with @mixrasta

@kln love the vibe & the flow, great track! Really liked how you switched between trumpets & piano & all your melody & vocal change ups. & I love Beatnuts! Saw them live with Jarassic 5 like 17 years ago, it was a great show.

@mixrasta really creative man, totally has that spy movie vibe, but with a hip hop twist :slight_smile: & the fact that you played a lot of it without sequencers & all the op-1 sounds you used, impressive work!

& thanks @emote for the battle!

My vote goes to @mixrasta as well, I feel like you took a more creative approach to this. Good job to all though!

Oh this is hard, the’re all pleasant pieces of music with fat beats, nice snares and good interactions between the other instruments.
I’m going to try and listen more…

All three tracks go really well together, which often happens in these battles.
Well done @Sharris for standing up with these seasoned and most excellent OP 1 veterans. You get my vote and this is after repeated listens. The choice of samples was sweet and the arrangement was exactly what was needed, with really nice subtle interplay and chops. Lovely track,
Which all three were actually.

Thanks @emote. You kicked my ass to do a new track since a while with your battle idea!

Also to @Spheric_El for the excellent honoration!

Thank you @Spheric_El I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

& thanks @mixrasta !

Congrats @mixrasta -your live playing was so nice.
Well done all three of you and thanks @emote for hosting our battle :slight_smile:

Thank you all! Waiting for the next one :slight_smile:

Ok, I guess it’s my turn then, if I calculated it right :*
I will present a master plan for the next battle the next days! Again, thanks to @Sharris @kln @emote and @Spheric_El!