A, B values keep fluctuating (NO AUTOMATION)

I opened a brand new PO-137 Rick & Morty in the mail today. But I couldn’t set the time correctly, as the hour would always flicker. This ever happen to you?

The A knob continues to flicker of its own accord. Tried with a rubber case, without. Tried taking the batteries out and back in. Tried moving the knob, pressing the knob in.

When the knob is at extreme clockwise or extreme counterclockwise, then it seems to stay at a fixed value. But in the middle the value never settles down :confused:

Many people have reported that issue before. It seems to happen with other models as well, like the PO-33. Some people have fixed it by replacing the pots, but that is a non-trivial job.

By the way, make sure you are not touching the pot pins at the back of the PCB as you hold the PO, since that may also cause that problem.