A curious TX-6 bug?

Hi everyone! New here, made an account just to post about this.

Been having great fun with the TX-6 mixer since I got it. Mostly used it in 2-channel mode and all went smoothly. However, when used in 12 out mode, there’s something funky going on.

Every once in a while (and I’ve figured it very rarely just happens randomly - it’s linked to an activity like closing and reopening the music playing app, or opening another app in the back - or can be triggered by a notification sound playing) the TX-6 just freaks out big time with the audio it’s receiving from the computer. I’m talking pops, crackling, multiple-times-per-second cutoffs (seriously sounds like a mismatched sample rate, to be honest). Icky stuff! Normally it works fine. What’s worse, only the USB audio seems to be affected. Analog inputs up top seem to sound just fine while the freakout is happening.

Two ways to fix it - either power cycle the TX-6 or disconnect and reconnect the USB (yes, I’ve tried other cables). This curiously happens both on my MacBook (where I first discovered the bug) and on my iPad, which leads me to believe it is a problem with the TX-6. All outputs are affected, not just the main out. And yeah, nothing of the sort ever happened in 2-channel mode, and I’ve had this thing for a good four months now.

TX-6 owners, if you have some spare time, set your mixers to 12-out mode and open, reopen, reopen apps. Check if at any point some weird artefacts appear in your audio. This smells like a bug and not a hardware problem to me. I’ve reported it to TE support and am waiting for their reply, which I’ll share with you all, as well.

UPDATE: I’ve tested older firmware. 1.0.8, the initial release seems to actually work fine! Both updates after it have the audio fuzz. Suspicious that the USB recording update marked the beginning of the issues. More proof that this is a bug?

Thank you all in advance.


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Is by accident the beat match function on? If so turn it off or change to another channel.

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Good guess, but beat match is off. Clock is off and manually set to 120. Also - the issue persists in the USB recording firmware, the one right before beat matching was introduced.