A few of my favorite samples and patches, for your peewoning pleasure.


Hi boys and girls! Here are a few of my favorite patches that I’ve made in my month or two of OP1 ownership. I stuck with mostly sampler patches, as it seemed like the right way to go about it, although now that I go and say that it seems less sensible. I’ll warn you that these are not the cleanest most perfect samples out there. I like the filth and I think I still have things to learn about getting the gain staging just right when recording from the OP1’s input to the tape. That being said, I enjoy them and hope you do too! Anyway, here you go.

Brief explanations of a few of them.
DX7 Rhodes! Obvious and self-explanitory. Sounds magical though.There’s one called Chorus GTR. The same note played across a few strings on a nylon string guitar. Has a touch of movement from the detuning that changes speed across the keyboard. I like it. DNA drums is a sampled drum kit made from the DNA synth. Minilogue is a drum kit made entirely from sounds I programmed on the Korg Minilogue, which is great for drum sounds by the way. Synt Drum is made from a few different synth engines in the OP1, and Tape Kit was recorded from a Roland TD15KV into a nasty and dirty cassette tape recorder. Volcabeats is pretty self-explanatory. VolcaSample is made from my favorite sounds that come stock with the VS.

Completely irrelevant side note - I called it Synt Drum because I love the way cuckoo says synth and I am a dweeb :slight_smile:

Synth - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bw-i3MZ5AmVKVW1YcXRaZGUtaUE?usp=sharing

Drum - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bw-i3MZ5AmVKUjB1Y3Y2ZFZSUlk?usp=sharing


downloading right now ! thanks for sharing !!

downloading right now ! thanks for sharing !!

No problem! Maybe I’ll make this a regular thing. Any criticisms would be entirely welcome : ) Thanks!


man these are sick as hell patches! who are you?



man these are sick as hell patches! who are you?

That’s really kind of you! Thanks so much : )

I’m just a dude. Who loves his OP1.

Of course! I’m happy to hear someone’s enjoying these! I put a few patches up on the new-ish op1.fun, in a pack appropriately named Stuff I Made. I’ll try to keep adding to it and keep this thread updated.