a few thanks & things...

  1. fckinhuge danke to the ace OPFun. Cheers everyone!!!! Some stunning sounds....<div><br></div><div>2)....and one of those is the beautiful Melo Vibes, the no.1 sound ive been lustinafter. That wee mellotron micro is burning my thoughts. As a lowly tesco worker its too damn expensive</div><div> yet so cute that im coming out with any reason to think it should be my one treat this year (cant see the op-z being cheaper than £399 and frankly, it sounds/looks dull). If only yamaha could do a reface version...</div><div><br></div><div>3)...but does anyone have the gforce M-tron/nord/and could maybe make a really comprehensivetron synth kit for OpFun? Please:)

    4) And a Solina/Waldorf String Machine sound?

    5) Finally, wishing all of you wonderful anti-snobs a funky New Year! I cherish this community dearly, so thanks to all Operator`s and this fantastic forum.

oh, and one more thingy; does anyone have any tanpura tips on the best model to buy? They all look really cheap and crappy yet pretty pricey.

(tried Blade Runner through the Cwo but its not cuttin it enough;) )