A few vintage synth sounds for your OP-1

I have had my OP-1 for almost two weeks and have been having a very good time with it. A bit of introduction: I write for Computer Music magazine and have, in the past, provided a number of samples for their cover-mounted discs under the name “The Electronic Garden”. I’ve also done a lot of sound design for various manufacturers and developers over the years. I have amassed a large collection of synths, drum machines and other gear in the past 37 years since buying my first synth at the tender age of 13 (a Casio VL-1, as it happens!)

In any event, I intend to do some sample/sound packs for the OP-1 and other machines soon - some for sale, but lots of sounds will be free, too. In order to that well, I need to know if the sounds I make for the OP-1 will work properly on other users’ OP-1s. I know they work on mine, which is brand new and running the latest OS. However, it is important that I know if they work on yours, too.

I have uploaded a small zipped file consisting of samples and eight OP-1 snapshots I’ve made with them. These samples are pre-looped (where appropriate) and one or two of the snapshots have FX and one has some LFO modulation (ADSR>Nitro LPF). I’d like to know if all of that works okay on your OP-1. Most are synth patches, but there is one drum kit, so keep that in mind when copying the sounds to your OP-1 (that one is labeled as ‘minimoogdrums.aif’). You can download the sounds here: http://www.theelectronicgarden.com/Scot/tegop1test.zip

They were recorded from a PPG Wave 2.2, a vintage Minimoog, and a Prophet-5 Rev 3.2. One of the PPG patches uses a custom wavetable I built on my Waveterm A. I recorded all of the samples through a Chandler Limited REDD.47 pre-amp for a bit of added character. The sounds are provided as license-free - use 'em as you see fit to make your music.

I’ve just realized: Maybe this should be in the ‘Patches’ section? If so, sorry about that.

Thanks for sharing scot :slight_smile: Maybe worth linking to a soundcloud audio example for Op1 patches? Switching patches out isn’t the most convenient thing to do on OP1 (especially if having to decide on what patches to lose if mem full…). Someone recently made a killer piano patch that probably would have totally passed me by if I hadn’t heard it :wink:

That’s a good idea, thanks. I’ll be opening a new Soundcloud account (closed my old account ages ago) when the new TEG site is ready. In the meantime, since they are all based on samples, you can get an idea of how these particular patches sound by simply playing them on your computer before installing them into the OP-1.

I’ve just noticed that the Prophet-5 LoStrings sound’s envelope settings didn’t seem to make it into the imported patch. I will try that one again and re-upload in a bit.

I just uploaded a new version with (I think!) the ‘p5lostrings.aif’ snapshot’s ADSR settings corrected (the attack should be just a little slower than the default setting, and the release a bit longer - for some reason, the last version’s envelope was just ‘on/off’ like an organ)

Cheers for these @ScotSolida! I’ll give them a shot tonight and report back!

@ScotSolida Thanks for sharing these patches. I’ll test them on my op-1.

BTW, the https://op1.fun/ site is great for sharing patches.

Thank! I will check out that site. (Still totally new to the world of the OP-1)

Great idea and contribution ScotSolida

The https://op1.fun/ is a brilliant platform for all this. Can users create their own libraries on that site?

These are really, really, lovely, and they sound great! Thanks for sharing them @ScotSolida!

Glad you like them. They’re the first things I sampled for the OP-1, and the first samples I’ve made since getting the REDD.47 pre-amp a few weeks ago. There will be plenty more to come. I’ve got a room full of synths waiting to be crammed into my OP-1’s brain…