A follow-up EP to the album made from radio samples: Vermilion

More original material, and an 8-minute fever dream from a certain Sega Genesis RPG. OP-1 is all over this thing. Thanks to everybody who listened to, downloaded, and/or critiqued my previous release, and I once again welcome your feedback!


This is so damn cool! Do you mind going in to your composing/arranging process a bit more? It sounds like there’s more than just OP1 happening here?

Thanks, glad you like it!

The OP-1 was used to capture samples from the FM radio tuner, then chop/sequence them onto the virtual tape. This formed the basis of “Spoiled” and “Project Management”. The tape loop was then dumped onto the Octatrack along with several other FM radio samples, and the final arrangement was sequenced there. I also used a lot of OP-1 synth sounds for backing on “All One (Reprise)” and “Mar-a-Lago”. The only songs that don’tt have any OP-1 are “Horror Autotoxicus” and the title track, which were made completely in the Octatrack with a little help from Native Instruments FM8.

Sweet, Project Management was my fav of the lot. I recently slimmed down my setup to just OT/OP1 combo and a bunch of guitar pedals, it’s a really fantastic combo. Lots of potential for playing live too, nice and compact. Cheers for the tunes and info bud.

Awesome work! Glad to see someone from r/Vaporwave here too. Loving the plunderphonics :wink:

Thanks! Yeah, it’s not getting as much love over there as the album did, but I guess the novelty had a lot to do with it. Just happy that anybody is listening :slight_smile: