A new annoying OP-1 sequancer bug

I haven’t been around my op-1 last few months and to my surprise when ifinally connected back with it it had a new bug…

  • The first thing i noticed was whenever i press the sequancer button i would go to sequancer sqreen, but if i press again it wouldnt go back.I would be stuck for unlimited time on sequancer mode.

*The bottun functions normally when pressing shift+seq or just entering seq mode

  • later on i noticed that when in tape mode, it would randomally go to seq mode, without the key being triggered.

do you think that its a firmware bug or something else I am missing?
will a factory reset solve this?
Should i just accept that my unite is dammaged and old, all things come to an end, and go buy myself thousands of dollars worth of other TE equipment?

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faulty HaRdWaRe.

you could try to factory reset

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or maybe your button(s) is just dirty and needs a cleaning?