A nice realistic Cello preset for the D-Synth (OP-1)

I made a Cello instrument in the D-Synth which is sounding (due to the verb) very natural over 4+ octaves.

Im still pretty new to the OP-1 (2 weeks so far) but i really like it. My background is analog subtractive synthesis and the OP-1 with his unorthodox way of approaching sound design is very new, exciting and overall a very pleasant experience :slight_smile: I was really surprised when I came across the Cello in D-Synth because the first hours with it was just glitchy and aliasing haha

Hope you like it, and if you used it in a track or so then i would really appreciate it if you shared your track here (too)

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You should post some sound previews :slight_smile: