A potential way to improve performance of OP-Z.app on MacOS

I’ve just tried this briefly, but it seems to work & I didn’t see it mentioned here. Normally, the MacOS app for OP-Z is a CPU hog and added a new droning fan track to the mix, but this trick seems to about halve the CPU load on my 2015 13" mbp:

  • in Finder, open Applications, find the OP-Z app
  • right click the OP-Z app icon and click “Get Info”
  • under General, click the box for “Open in Low Resolution”
  • restart the app if necessary

I’m completely new, so please forgive me if this was already common knowledge.

I am running it in an old Mac mini 2011 with High Sierra (unable to upgrade to Mojave or higher), and I don’t see the “Open in Low Resolution” box

Is there another way to do it in this OS?

The low resolution option probably only applies to “Retina” displays like the ones found on many Mac laptops.

You probably have a normal monitor hooked up to your Mac mini and won’t have that option.

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Understood, thanks!