A weird mono stereo input phase thing I just had on tx6 op1f, and how to avoid it!

I just troubleshat a slightly weird one, not TE’s fault, sharing here in case anyone else hits it.

I had the mono output of my blastbeats connected to tx6 input.

I could see signal but hear nothing. Rage!

Weirdly I could hear the sound of it playing through reverb if I had reverb on, wet only, but as soon as I switched reverb off… Silence again. Rage and bafflement!

Anyway, I unplugged the 3.5mm cable and replugged it, then selected it as mono input rather than stereo input.

All was well.

So, beware phase cancellation! On perfect digital pathways it can be complete, and baffling!


I’m guessing the unit you connected has “balanced” outputs where a single is sent on a TRS plug twice, one copy phase inverted. This is done for long cable runs - when combined at the other end, anything different between the phase and out of phase copy of the sound, is removed. Eg interference picked up on a long cable run is removed.