[A wild n00b has appeared] Drumkit Installation

So essentially I’d like to just upload loopmaster’s house kit to my OP-1. Got as far as switching to disk mode and uploading the kit via the drum utility and replacing one of the 1 through 8 default kits, but then when I finish the transfer, or restart the device after ejecting the OP-1 from my computer OR disconnecting the OP-1 via switching out of disk mode, the original files revert back to default and my change is overwritten.

I’m not really sure how else to install these kits.

Hi @kaigenji, I don’t think it’s possible to replace the stock kits, 1 to 8. What you can do though is create yourself a directory under Drum, say House, and drop your kits in there with meaningful names. They’ll then show up as additional kits.

1-8 is your hot key presets, which is separate from your folder presets. u can assign any drumkit that you've loaded to one of the 8 slots.

do what @yoof said