Ableton + Max for Live


Just joined the community here after getting an OP-1 for Christmas. Woo hoo!
I use Ableton mostly and am loving my OP-1 as a stand alone synth/sampler/drum machine and as an alternative to creating music in front of a computer.

I’ve noticed the MIDI implementation is pretty low but I’ve made a Max device to simply control the MIDI LFO within the OP-1.
No other features but I’ve found it pretty handy so far in sequencing.
Download here.
Any suggestions for the device, hit me up.

How do you use your device with software or other hardware?

I may have to swipe this for use in Max (v7 lets you open M4L devices, iirc).

Yes, yes. Please do!

Forgot to mention that.

Mate this looks amazing!
As soon as I’m back home im going to give it a whirl!

Let me know if there is anything I should add.

The max device is Amazing!
Thanks heaps!!!
A couple of this, you may need to change the values on some of the pots?
Haven’t tested it deeply enough but you don’t get a full sweep of the parameters,
Yes it controls the op knobs or parameters but they don’t come into effect straight away, and they stop early.
Is there a way you can fix that, make it more even?
Basically the parameter won’t effect the op till the value hits about 55 or 64 and it stops at about 90 or 100,
It’s there a way you can even distribute the values so it’s a nice full sweep?

Also if you could incorporate LFOs in it that would be awesome, or maybe it could be a new device?
Max op-1 quad Lfo :slight_smile:

Something like the lemur modulation template would be Antartica as a max device for the op.
Check this
Adding selectable waveforms is a must :wink: