Ableton - OP-1 sync latency?

Hi all,

I’ve been experiencing some latency when connecting the OP-1 to Ableton.
I’ve been running midi from one track in Ableton to the OP-1, then recording the signal back to another track in Ableton.

I’ve tried to adjusting the buffer size and the driver error compensation, and while it makes it closer to a full sync, it still leaves a small gap in the beginning of the recording. Adjusting the clock sync didn’t seem to do much of a difference either I’m afraid. (Almost easier not trying to compensate for it since the latency was almost exactly 1/8 note which could more easily be edited out.)

Any hints? What’s your workflow for recording into ableton or other daws?

Thanks in advance,

Have you tried using the external instrument device? That is how I hook mine up.

It allows automatic and manual timing adjustments (latency).

I think this video is also helpful on setting up a hardware device and recording using the external instrument device: