Ableton solo functions like OP1?

For the Live users:

I’ve been setting up a live Live (?!) set mapped to some midi controllers with essentially a bunch of buttons assigned to fx that emulate the OP1 tape tricks and fx (pitch drop, beat repeat, delay, verb, flange, etc). One thing that is eluding me though is how to map some midi buttons to the solo’s of my four tracks - no matter is my midi controller is set to “toggle” or “temporary” mode, the solo buttons still require two presses to solo and then unsolo them. Is there any way/trick to make ableton behave like OP1, in that when I’m holding down a button that is mapped to the solo of a track, it puts the track in solo, and then when I release the button it UNsolo’s the track. Exactly like the functionality of OP1. I can’t seem to find any obvious way of making this happen!

I dont know Live. Could you use midi note on messages ,then use a midi note off message aswell?

i thinnnnnnkkkkk what u wanna do i change the range of the value that your button spits out.
like instead of 0 for note off and 127 for note on. try maybe value of 64 or greater for your note off.

this way when u release, it will trigger another note on which will toggle the solo
thus acting like a momentary button.

ahhhhh just found a workaround using an M4L plugin (a Tom Cosm solo tool) - took a bit of digging thru the M4L library to find it tho. Had to map it using CC’s in temp mode - now working well!

Apparently this just doesn’t work in the default ableton solo mode, which is bizarre. Ah well, solved!