Access op1f‘s album from an ipad

Is there a way to mange and pull mixdown files from the op1f with an ipad?

I am entering deep confusion mode here…. When I mount the op1f to my macbook or my ipad in disk mode, only the drum and synth folders show up, no album or tape available, MTP works fine with my macbook, but of course not with my ipad. Is that normal?

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oh shit! you’re right! i didn’t even notice that when updating synth and drum snapshots. my mac is too old to download the MTP client… so i didn’t even notice that i can’t access the tape and album now on my mac!!!


I wonder what this ‚made for iphone certified‘ marketing bullshit is worth then?

MTP is presumably better in various ways, or required - I have to trust in TE that they would’ve had a legitimate reason for this change. I can only assume they will make an iOS MTP app, or another developer will. In the mean time it’s annoying but you may have to use USB audio mode and record the tape or album across into GarageBand or similar over USB-C. What a pain. I hope this gets resolved swiftly.

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I tell you what…these files are heavy af compared to the OG lol… 32 bit non float is kinda limiting for going back and forth to the daw and back as most do 32 float point (which is def unsupported). Sounds amazing though and the new features are game changers.

agreed - its not so mobile friendly yet but firmware can change that…

same - i have 5,1 running mojave for my main rig. im considering open core cuz I want dolby atmos also