Acid 8 Videos

Been promising to do some videos with the Acid 8 from Twisted Electrons for ages but haven’t had the time and been unwell.

Finally here’s three jams I knocked out this weekend.
They are far from finished songs and are just literally me programming a simple pattern before filming then just jamming for a few minutes.

@Virtual_Flannel … bet you’re looking forward to your new toy arriving soon, eh? :wink:

JAM 1 with Teenage Engineering PO-12
Acid 8 Twisted Electrons (Jam 1) & PO-12 - YouTube

JAM 2 with Korg Volca Sample
Acid 8 Twisted Electrons (Jam 2) & Korg Volca Sample - YouTube

JAM 3 with Teenage Engineering PO-12
Acid 8 Twisted Electrons (Jam3) & PO-12 - YouTube

Cool! I really like jam 2!

└[∵┌] └[ ∵ ]┘ [┐∵]┘

when will there be a cheap 303 clone! regardless i want one. thx for the vids

Thanks for this man! :slight_smile:


im trying not to buy more gear…
i say this very often.

A bit off-topic, but couldn’t find a better thread :wink:

Hardfloor - "The Art Of Acid" - YouTube
Cool track, pretty different from the usual 303 squelch.

(For the sake of on-topicness: is a new and cheaper clone)