Add more Drum/Synth packages

Hey all,
Appreciate all the help I’ve been getting since purchasing the op-1. This forum is great and so are all of you!

Newest questions:

So I’ve just about gone through all of the preloaded synth and drum packages and I was curious to know how to put more on the op-1 and where to do it.

Step by step basic computer process would be helpful, I have mine plugged in to my windows desktop but no software comes up for downloading. Can’t seem to find where the op-1 device is located via files.

-Is this a drag and drop type of transfer?
-is software needed overall?
-Where to find new packages, risk involved?

I am a beginner so alot of this is new to me, but I see YouTube videos where their ‘library’ of engines is much larger than mine.

As always, any help is much obliged.

hook op-1 up with the usb cable to your computer. Turn op-1 on. Press shift + album. Then choose disk (you’ll see it as a choice on the op-1 screen). op-1 should now show up as a removable drive (like a thumb drive) on your computer. Open the folder and you can see how everything is organized. Drop your sounds into either drum or synth sampler folder or make a new folder in drum or synth. When finished, eject the disk just like you would with anything else. op-1 will go through it’s process, just let it do it’s thing. Then op-1 screen will say to press any key. Then your sounds should be in the user section when you change sounds on 1-8. Had to type this fast so don’t hesitate to ask if this was confusing. Hope that helps. It’s also in the manual.

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No this was great Joe thank you!

Where to find downloadable sounds?

oh man, all over the place! Cuckoo on YouTube had some once. Hello Samples, etc. Can’t think of them all right now. Google “free OP-1 samples” or something like that. Glad I could help.

1 Like is a great website and has a loader that lets you easily transfer packs, patches and samples over. Super handy.


Agreed. Not sure why I momentarily forgot about it.

Appreciate the help! This opens up the range big time!

Joe, so I put a bunch on there, I ejected disk, has to press the opt button for it to start processing, how long does it normally take? It’s been on the run.exe screen for awhile?


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Nah I figured it out

How’d you fix it? Just curious. When the same thing happened to me, I just shut the op-1 off, waited a minute, turned it back on and it finished up.