Adding a "pattern" to endless sequencer?

I read this today. Just when I thought I knew all the little corridors of this device!!

What exactly does it mean that you can add a pattern to your endless sequencer?

I believe it works like this. Let’s say you record a sequence of notes.

Without a ‘pattern’ your notes will be played ‘straight’ - one after the other on each timing division of the sequence.

Turning the white knob, you’ll notice patterns of dots that you can cycle through in the top left. The spaces between the dots represent divisions in the sequence which are silent. As you play your sequence the next recorded note will be sound at the next white dot.

Does that help?


I was hoping that’s what it meant!!! Can’t wait to get home and try it! Thanks a million, @cloudburst.

Note that on each subpattern you can choose which step to silent with shift+white