Adding audio file to 'Album'

Probably a simple question and I’m missing something obvious, but how do you add an audio file to the ‘Album’? I want to put an acoustic recording I’ve done on there, and play around with putting some bass sounds beneath it but, of course, when I start editing the bass sounds, they also edit the original audio file if I’ve added that file to one of the ‘tape’ tracks.

So I thought I’d solve this by putting the audio file on the ‘Album’. I assumed the process would be the same as adding an audio file to ‘tape’, so I took my file, bounced it down to mono, with silence at the end taking it to exactly 6 minutes, saved as ‘side_a.aif’, and copied it across to the ‘album’ folder when I hooked the OP-1 up to the laptop. But unfortunately, it’s just silence on ‘side a’ of the ‘album’ now. Can anyone tell me what I’ve missed?

I don’t think you can do this.

Hmmm, not sure If I understood what you wanna do.
But for me, the simpliest way to do what you want to do is :

1. Record your accoustic on a tape empty track
2. Play arround with your bass on another track
3. If you want you can even record your live performance from tape to album :slight_smile:
4. You can do many audio treatments with the op1, such as recording, recording something you record and so on…that’s a real nice sampler.

Try Not Mono.
Do the same thing ,but stereo. I think under 6 mins is fine .
I delete my album file first ,then replace with same name audio file, then eject.

Although Album is more difficult to work with ,as no rewind,pause, so maybe consider @quartantequatre 's suggestions.

Thanks all,

Sorry I’ve been so slow to get back to this. I was trying to add master effects to the bass, but of course it affects all other tape tracks. The easiest workaround for this is to turn off all master effects and record the original track from tape > album, then leave the ‘album’ track playing when you move back to tape and you can start adding master effects again.

Couldn’t you just do the effects on the bass track right to the instrument?