Adhesive rubber feet for OP-Z?

Hello - I was thinking of adding a few extra rubber feet towards the center of my OP-Z, to help mitigate the bending issue and also make the unit more grippy/stable on a table. Has anyone done this, and can you recommend any good feet to use for this purpose?


To avoid the bending and to keep the unit from sliding, I cut up the original cardboard case. The rubbery foam in there provides great grip and it lifts the unit just so that the rubber feet don’t touch the ground anymore. I cut out areas for the rubber feet and the connect button but otherwise it covers the whole backplate. I used doublesided tape. Works great for me.


Oh interesting idea, thanks for that. Do you find it’s been helping keep the structure & with non/double trigs?

I don’t have issues with double trigs. I don’t think it can really bend any more now, since the foam is pretty solid and covers the whole base plate.

did this last year, pads via amazon, work a treat!

who would make removable feet with the softest rubber possible?

another simple but sensible addition is one of these to keep the dirt/fluff out of the USB port.