Adjusting sync volume

Is there a secret way to changing and adjusting the volume of the sync “pulse” coming out of the POs when in sync mode? It seems like it’s independent of the actual PO volume adjustments (BPM+numbers).

it is fixed at the maximum volume it can generate.
u would need an external piece of gear to amplify or attentuate


In case I need to amplify that, do you have any suggested portable/small devices that can do that?

Curious to know what you want to amplify it for as there may be an alternative solution.

I wanted use the PO’s sync clock to drive the clock on the Arturia keystep. After much hassle and experimentation, I realized that the Keystep needs a clock at 5hz, which is something the PO isn’t generating. After much search, the suggestion was to run the PO’s sync through some amplification first. That sorta defeats the purpose of this being a quick, portable solution. So I gave up that search and attempt.

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