Advice/help needed : OP1 tracks and Ableton

Hi guys, I have been using my beloved OP1 for quite some time as standalone, and tried recently to use Ableton to expand my possibilities.

But I am facing two main problems :
  • importing OP1 clips (tape) into Ableton : when I import an OP1 track into Ableton, I have some problems with the tempo : I compose a bass line on the OP1 at 84bpm, add it as an audio clip in an Ableton project set at 84bpm as well, and for some reasons the tempo seems slightly different : after like 64 beats, my OP1 bass line is in advance compared to the Ableton track (for about half a beat). Do you have the same problem ? Is there any easy way to solve it
  • recording with the OP1 directly into Ableton : how can I record some melodies palyed live on the OP1 directly into Ableton ? Do I need an external audio card or something ? Also, when using the OP1 as an external midi keyboard for Ableton instruments, I find the response of the OP1 quite delayed and not as sensitive as the OP1 is in Synth mode.
I should receive my ROLI Seaboard Rise next week, it should help a lot on the second point I hope ! In the meantime, I would appreciate some help or advice on how to best use the OP1 with Ableton.

Thanks guys !
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I’m not sure about the BMP issue, you could probably warp the loop as a quick fix although that doesn’t really get to the heart of the problem.

I have gone straight from the OP-1 into the headphone slot before which worked fine but the main issue with that is only having my mac laptop speakers as the sound output. I’ve normally use either a USB audio interface (Focusrite in my case but there are main options) or the Irig pro if travelling.

ok thanks. I didn’t know you could use the headphone jack of a laptop as an entry.

Anyone esle have an idea about the BPM issue thing ?

Are you on Mac or PC? I assume PC. Decent external soundcard with dedicated inputs would help you also with the latency of your virtual instruments.

Do you use ASIO drivers (i.e. ASIO4ALL)?

Concerning the mismatched tempo, what is the sample rate setting of your Ableton? Is it the same like the sample rate of the OP-1 .aif files? I think it should be 44100 Hz. If it’s 48000 Hz than you will hear the samples from OP-1 pitched up and faster.


With recording into Ableton it always warps your track. I haven’t found a way around this and am not sure if there is one. If you directly drag and drop your tracks into Live, it won’t warp. That is, if you have Auto Warp turned off. Prefereces -> Record Warp Launch -> Auto Warp.

Live Record Warp Launch Menu

Hope this helps!


thanks for the answer guys. I am using a PC, and I’ll try to remove the auto warp option and to set the sample rate correctly tonight.

In the meantime I found a solution : I record into ableton as an external audio source (a friend gave me a behringer 202). I have no latency in my speakers when I do that (if I put on mute the track to which I record in ableton so that I don’t have an echo)
There are only two problems left with it :
- it records to ableton with a delay, which I can’t seem to correct using the audio sync compensation (so I just have to remember what the delay is and shift the recording manually)
- and I have to play live to avoid the sound getting pitched up

Last question @cube48 : what do you mean by decent external card ? Is a behringer uca202 enough, or should I go with something more fancy like a Focusrite Scarlet ?

@wam, uca202 seems to be decent enough as it seems to have direct monitoring for recording. It depends on what aspirations you have with your recording. Investment into a good sound card with stable drivers is always a good thing but free gifts that do the service are nice too.