Album recordings

HI -

A couple of weeks ago when i first got the op1 - if recorded an album on side A, then another, it would give me a2, a3 etc…now it replaces and i only get a single ‘side a’ recording. is this a setting i’ve changed somewhere?

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As far as I know, it’s always been that way.

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weird…might have imagined it. maybe i made an a2 and then ‘remembered’ it happening automatically.

There’s side A and side B, that’s all as far as I can tell.

As far as know you CAN record via tape a number of separate tracks to side a or b. But once you record again it will delete what you had. So maybe you just recorded a few tracks all at once to side a.

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Thing you can do, is play previously recorded material (e.g. a 2mn track on side A) and record right after, good old tape style :slight_smile:

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oh wow, I’m surprised that i didn’t know that till now, in 6 years with the OP-1…

I also didn’t not know this. I thought every time you recorded to album it erased the side first.
Every day is a school day I guess!

How do you do this? I thought it was all or nothing when recording on side a or side b. Thanks!

I have to check this, I’m doubting now, but in my mind you have to play the tape for some time, then hit record. Doesn’t it work?
I don’t have my OP-1 with me right now (Digitone is now my holidays synth).