Album recordings

HI -

A couple of weeks ago when i first got the op1 - if recorded an album on side A, then another, it would give me a2, a3 etc…now it replaces and i only get a single ‘side a’ recording. is this a setting i’ve changed somewhere?

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As far as I know, it’s always been that way.

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weird…might have imagined it. maybe i made an a2 and then ‘remembered’ it happening automatically.

There’s side A and side B, that’s all as far as I can tell.

As far as know you CAN record via tape a number of separate tracks to side a or b. But once you record again it will delete what you had. So maybe you just recorded a few tracks all at once to side a.

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Thing you can do, is play previously recorded material (e.g. a 2mn track on side A) and record right after, good old tape style :slight_smile:

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oh wow, I’m surprised that i didn’t know that till now, in 6 years with the OP-1…

I also didn’t not know this. I thought every time you recorded to album it erased the side first.
Every day is a school day I guess!

How do you do this? I thought it was all or nothing when recording on side a or side b. Thanks!

I have to check this, I’m doubting now, but in my mind you have to play the tape for some time, then hit record. Doesn’t it work?
I don’t have my OP-1 with me right now (Digitone is now my holidays synth).

I know that you can record tracks from one side to the other. But if you do this, it will delete what was recorded earlier. If you recorded several tracks at once on one side and did not do it on the other side, then most likely you will simply lose the recording and you will have to rewrite in the future. I prefer to make recordings in the garage band on my MacBook, since electronic recordings are better to control and monitor the work and progress of the project. In any case, SD disks are in the past, so the electronic version is more convenient and better. Especially for artist pr, this is the best option. Good luck to you in your work!