Album won't update in USB Disk Mode

I'm sure (/am hoping) this has been answered somewhere before, but I wasn't exactly sure how to search for this specific problem.
I've recorded two "songs" to both sides of the album on my OP-1, but when I connect the devide to my computer and listen to the side_a and side_b files, they play something I must have recorded a long time ago. I deleted them (losing my songs) since I didn't have any other recourse. Now I've recorded a new song to Side A of the album and tried the process again, and the same exact old songs have been restored to each respective side.
How do I work around this problem? At this point I'm guessing it would be something like a factory reset? Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone know why it's happening? It used to work the way it is supposed to without any problems.

Sounds more like a computer issue, like old Album tracks still in the cache.

Do you always “safely remove” the OP-1 after a USB DISK connection?

Did the OP-1 playback the Album tracks correctly after you recorded them, but before you connected it to the computer? If yes, the computer obviously “restored” (overwrote) the Album files with these old recordings.

And last but not least: are you sure you listened to the correct side_a and side_b file on the OP-1 drive, and not some old backups on your computer?

Good questions. The album tracks are entirely fine on the OP-1 after I record them. In fact, even after I disconnect from the computer where the old tracks are appearing, the new tracks are still on the album on the OP-1.

I attempt to always safely remove the OP-1, but I’ll be honest – there have been a few times I’ve pulled the plug too early and gotten the warning message.

I dragged the files off of the OP-1 and listened to those exact files and they contained the old audio. Maybe I’ll try renaming them before copying them to my computer to see what happens in that case. Otherwise, what can I do to clear the cache or keep my computer from overwriting them? It’s never been an issue before. I’m on a Macbook Pro running Sierra.

Thanks for your help!

It’s doing the exact same thing. I agree with you that it’s a computer issue, but I don’t know what to do to solve it.

When you deleted the files from the OP-1, did you also delete the files in the trash can?