Aliexpress meets Teenage ( ALI-1 )

Im not sure if you guys are happy with this but i thought i should share.
I found a bunch of fun items for very cheap which are basically accessories for your OP-1 (and i think also PO-series)

I still havent found a good quality bag which fits nice and tide around the OP-1 but i did find these handy ones:
FM antenna, just like to one from TE > click here for antenna
Pouch for your cables > click here for pouch > This pouch fits exactly inside the UDG hardcase
Screen protector > click here for screen protector
Audio adapter cable > click here for that

This last one i also like a lot, This little cable makes you record audio straight into you phone while you monitor it through your headphones.

Because I like to record video of my OP-1 together with audio I also use these 2
3 in 1 fisheye lens > clickertheclick
Gorilla phone stand > clirrrkccctttsssss

The total amount in euros including shipping for all of the above is 13,71euro

Ali buy maye [sic] :wink:

Ali buyma ye [sic] ;)
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