All three operators, OP1, Oplab and cables... Oh my!!

Greetings to all! I ended up getting all three pocket operators. I already had the Op1 and Oplab. I synced all three operators together and last night I was able to make the OP1 the master of all three via the Oplab. Using two splitters, I decided to split the audio and Midi clock for all three operators. I sent all the audio from the three operators into a 5 piece splitter and sent that audio directly into the OP1.

My main challenger came up in trying to get the OP1 to send swung midi clock… I know you can choose swing in the sequencer mode, for example, with the drumming gorillas in the OP1… But the subdivision of the beats seem to not swing in the pocket operators. The option to change the swing setting seems to be disabled on the pocket operators being that they are in slave mode… Anyone else find a way to have swing when the OP1 is the master?

Last but not least, the cables connecting the pocket operators to each other became a bit of a pain, why with the splitter from each requiring two connections for each for the midi clock and audio… I saw the video of the 8 year old kid with these cables that were already curved… Any know where I might be able to find some like that? Any other suggestions???

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I read somewhere that someone recomended this kind of “double male”-connectors for the PO’s:

In my opinion it looks a bit stiff, but I don’t know. Maybe it’s a good thing…

I have the same setup as you, OP-1, OpLab and the three PO’s.
I did try once to sync the PO’s via OpLab but was unsuccessful. I did not use a split cable.

I you could, please upload a video tutorial on youtube or something, that would be interesting to watch.

Thanks for the link Swappo.

Regarding the Oplab… I’m assuming you’ve updated to the latest version that came out recently? You have to have the Oplab in mode #5… TE has an updated manual with mode 5 specifically for syncing with the pocket operators…

If I have some time… I’ll see about trying to do a YouTube video tutorial :slight_smile:

Well, you could probably find some of those double male connectors of higher quality. On the other side you get 5 of them there for a pretty good price…

I don’t remember what I was trying to sync the PO’s to for sure, but I think it was the OP-1. I got a bit puzzled since I was using the mode just for syncing the PO’s on the OpLab. It might have been a user error on my side and perhaps I didn’t get the OP-1 right so that might be the reason.

i dont think you can send swing midi, you swing each individual device, a swing master clock is a can of worms that will confuse tempo-synced effects (e.g. delays) along the way…

One thought about the swing sync tempo would be to cut the bpm by half… So instead of 90 bpm, set it to 45… In hopes that the subdivision would be small enough to fall on the main beats with the pocket operators… Otherwise, unless someone else knows of something, it sounds like no swing for faster tempos… :blush:

The Oplab is the swing stopper. I would love to be able to use one of the toggle switches to turn the quantize on and off. Maybe next upgrade.

Can we get a video of this set up? Sounds awesome.