Alright it's official- I'm developing a full on OP1 Online Course

I have a Youtube channel that focuses a lot on the OP1/other TE products. Here’s a playlist for anyone who’s interested:

That being said, I’m setting it in stone! I’m developing an online course going into each element of the instrument. All organized and all in one spot.

It’s still in developmental phase so I don’t have a deadline yet, but there will be updates along the way. Always open to suggestion as well!

Here’s a more detailed announcement:


Liam is a Scammer. :kissing_heart:

May I ask what gives you that impression?

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it was a bad joke.

you’re the greatest :sunglasses:

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Haha all good :slight_smile:


Great content, looking forward to the course

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Thank you! I’ve developed an outline! Looks like there will be around 50 videos- this may take a while lol.


hurryeeeeee. hahah. jk.
how is the course coming along?

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