Alternative Effects- OP1

looking for some alternate uses for Op1 effects/sound manipulation. Many of the non apparent features of the Op1 and its effects end up being my most used techniques. Does anyone have some to share? ill get us started.

CWO presents itself as a pitched Delay Much like the Rainbow Machine. But after enough time you will hear the Phaser effect. Low and behold if you turn the time knob to Zero. Feedback down and shift turn the blue knob to the left most 1/4 of the dial you have a HUGE amout of rate control on one of the lushest phaser effects I have ever used/


CWO is prob the most versatile effect. u can get some flangery sounds out of it too, similar to the phasery sounds. i think i use CWO most for this. also for just like a freakout effect. turning the knobs while your hipsters or monkeys are jamming is cray cray.

Phone is also one of those kinds of FX. lots of sonic ground to cover. u can get glitchy stutter type fx w/ it. some S&H dial up modem sounds. theres a lot going on for this seemingly random effect.

i like using Grid as like a different type of delay/reverb. to add ambience and atmosphere. or just straight madness w/ it cranked up. (i guess this is prob what it was intended for?)

some of these FX like grid and phone can be used for tone generation. sometimes i take those sounds and tails and sample them and make a new synth or drum sound out of it.

grid and spring are my go to master fx for mastering. jusssttt a tiny bit, adds a lil bit of spaciousness to the mix.

there used to be a video for using delay as like another stutter type of effect. using the M1 or M2 w/ the mix up and feedback high. normally all off. so that when u hit M1 u get a blast of delay that subsides when u left go of M1/M2.


I’ll say it again because it is so useful - tape fx. Especially when combined with drum sampler lift/drop.

It does take some mastery/experimentation but a few hours just dicking around will fill your trick book pronto.

You can do delays, ADT, flanging, chorus, reverse reverb, and lots more, the main thing to remember is keep levels a little lower when overdubbing lots of stuff or you will end up with turd pie.
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OP-1 effects are tricky. I thought Phone was useless until the last battle. Then I realized you can tune it to one of the five resonant frequencies while setting dry/wet level to roughly 50 and dialing everything else down. That is a basis for a whole variety of cool effects.

Delay can be dialed down to the point where it sounds like rewerb. Moreover, subtly changing its speed (using shift) changes “character” or this fake rewerb. Professional sound engineers might find this obvious, but I didn’t until I heard about it on Coursera and tried it during Delay battle.

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Can you expand on how you achieve these tape effects?


These are all great suggestions!
I’m gonna try them out.

Thank you!

On phone, if you dial the pitch (blue) all the way to max, then exactly +1 octave is somewhere around 1o’clock (no shift+turn fine tuning necessary).
Also, detaining it slightly from unison or +1 octave gives a slight chorus/doubling effect.
That’s often my go-to master effect, just a bit of unison/octave layering (with the phono/baud set for just a little bit of stereo glitch)
Also, if you have a master fx phone, make sure your tape tracks aren’t all dead center panned. The tiniest pan left or right is all you need to kick Phone into all the stereo glitch goodness.

One I discovered recently: crank FX routed to “pitch/volume” (the speaker/note icon) red or white parameters. It’s not documented anywhere, but I think these are controls for the track limiter/drive. (Like the master drive control, but just for the live track).
You can get some nice crunch that you can’t get any other way (slowly adjust the crank control)


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