Ambient chill track from an album I'm working on at the moment

Here’s one of the songs from an album I’m working on at the moment. Like my last album, it will be fully produced and processed using only the OP-1. I hope you enjoy it.

Really like this. Very different to, and much more laid back than anything else I’ve heard from the OP-1 so far. Love the cello-like and flutey synth sounds. If I had to criticize one thing, I’d say that the hollow ‘drone’ pad in the background gets a little piercing after a while, maybe that could have been dialled back a bit after it’s been introduced, or given a little more variety somehow. Otherwise, I could quite happily listen to this for hours. I think it would make a great soundtrack for a slow-paced puzzle game: something about it reminded me of Lost Winds and Machinarium. You’ve inspired me to try and create something more ambient with my OP1.

Wow, thank you! Been a while since I made it, your criticism is appreciated :slight_smile: Was pretty happy with the album, anything I’ve made since on the OP-1 hasn’t really been up to standard. Really glad I could inspire you, that’s all I could want to do with my songs. Good luck with your musical creations, let me know what you make!

Yes a lovely little space you’ve found there @Phorx .
Agreed it conjures up images of beautiful virtual lands.

Cool, man. Lush.