Ambient Possibilities

Here’s a nod @thor for representing the noise/musique concrete aspects of this sweet little unit. This is what im trying tonight: Storm brewing outside earlier so i got some audio: wind, trees, leaves, chimes, distant thunder etc. A few layered tracks to the tape, along with crumpling paper. i was planning on using it as a springboard for an intro, a bed for s sample or a melody, or just chop it to bits & throw it around. pretty obvious.
But what about putting 2 or 3 tracks of it next to a beat? Maybe use a little Phone Fx, Punch or Spring on the Master FX but a light touch on any- all fx… maybe EQ it hot, drive the hell out of it, bounce it down to the album and resample the result back in as a drum kit? Noisy & nasty or crispy & crunchy? im about to find out…

Can’t wait to hear this :slight_smile: