Analog 4 CV to Midi

I’ll post this on Elektronauts too.

Has anyone had any luck converting the CV from the A4 to midi to control another piece of gear?

Really fancy making use of the A4’s CV to drive something like a sampler (microgranny?) but don’t want necessarily to have to go down the modular route using a Bastl grandpa and have to get a rack, power, etc etc. And we all know modular is a rabbit hole!

Looks like the Qunexus from Keith McMillen might be able to do this. I already have one but would need to buy the leads and midi convertor.

Anyone tried this or have another solution?

Or should I just start dabbling with modular too? :stuck_out_tongue:

I've been looking into modular (haven't jumped in quite yet) and with a cardboard skiff, a set of short rails (so you're not tempted to go mad on modules), a power module with flying busboard you can be set up and ready to add modules (a grandpa?!) for <£100.

Shoosh you with your modular temptation :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m hoping to do this cheaply! :stuck_out_tongue:
Already have the qunexus and A4.

only need microgranny and the right leads and convertor.

You’re right of course, but going direct to a grandpa would be a much cleaner solution… :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually realised my OP-Lab can do this but think it’s only got 2 CV wheres the A4 has 4 CV out