Analog OP-1 predecessor

Now look at that!

It has a tapedeck, FM synth, sequencer, and apparently no velocity like the OP-1 ; )

thats wild!


That’s really fascinating. I see someone has it on eBay for $38USD, although watching vids of it is enough for me.

Well, UI design has definitely improved since then, but it is a super-funky device!

So fresh !

I’ll take two.

I wonder if TE has seen this?

I have one of these, it’s awful to program, sounds are mostly crap. Sadly, one day when I turned on the tape player, it died with a buzzing noise and smoke coming out of it.

Shit, that probably was a little dust bornfire…

Didn’t somebody post something similar a while back that actually looked like the OP-1 layout-wise?
…maybe that was a dream I had.

yeah…this thing:

yeah...this thing:

This is so neat! Looking into it, it seems a more likely inspiration (whether it actually was or not) than the VL-1, given its feature set.

Nice demo:

Yep, I wrote something about these a few years ago now… Horrible-sounding gadget, but hilarious :smiley:

I picked up another OP-1 predecessor at a flea market earlier today for $2!

This is the Casio CK10. It is also a battery operated keyboard synth with a built-in FM radio, but it also has AM!

I’d love to see TE make something the same kind of size (but flatter :wink: as that ghetto blaster. They could chuck tons of stuff on/in there. 36 keys/16 pads/sampling/omnichord ribbon and chord buttons/elektron step sequencer buttons/op-1 tape/octatrack style step sequencer functions/time-streching/sp404 fx/op-1 built in mic and radio… Give me that with with a ton of onboard memory for £1200 and I’m done :wink:

Well, UI design has definitely improved since then, but it *is* a super-funky device!

Great device! Great video!

Here’s an older thread about a different retro OP-1 – the Sankei Stereo Entertainer:

Now that’s fancy.

This just goes to show that even the most innovative idea isn’t without precedence