Analog Rytm + OP-1 video


I just posted a lengthy sort of tutorial on the Analog Rytm. The OP-1 is starring as a guest at around 37.50 :slight_smile:
Analog Rytm MEGA TUTORIAL - CUCKOO - YouTube

@cuckoo Nice tutorial. Your a whiz with those buttons.

Thanks mate! Dataline is a wiz. I’m just an apprentice :slight_smile:

good stuff. I’m at 15 minutes now. just a few notes. load project saves previous project too. also I find using upload here on the sample page is helpful when wanting to avoid moving samples. I create my folder first then upload (or use prvious folder as well).

I learned a lot.

That’s great. We can all learn from each other. There’s a lot of stuff I don’t know with these machines. Didn’t know about Function+yes while in the sample page until just now! Reading the manual is so disconnected to music, so even if I do read the whole thing, I forget everything, because it didn’t have any practical application at the moment. I feel like the only way of learning for real is to put it into context.

Right on!