Analog synth from Behringer

Huh how 'bout that

Hey, it’s bound to be better than Akai’s attempts.

Hey, it's bound to be better than Akai's attempts.

Everyone will treat it like a scabby cat but it will probably be cheap and well worth a look.
Behringer will go modular next.

999.99$ it was said. Nice one !

That’s a whole lot of power for 1000 bucks. I was hoping it would be a little lower, because, Behringer, but that’s real fair.

Hope they do the talked about desktop version

Hope they do the talked about desktop version

Seriously. It would ostensibly be even cheaper than $1K, and basically irresistable.

Yeah, I think the company asked about it on their Facebook page to gauge interest. From what ive read it’s a very popular idea.

Yeah I think the Facebook post asking “What do you think about a desktop version?” is still there on the official page. Approaching 250 responses now. I’m sure there are some good ones buried in there but I’m too lazy to wade through 250 posts to find them, lol.

Sound On Sound video is pretty good:

This thing looks like a BEHEMOTH!!!

I’ve total GAS for a big synth

  1. Moog Model D
  2. MatrixBrute
  3. This 'ere DeepMind 12

If I did not have the Roland boutiques and Minilogue I might have been into it, but it does not have anything that I need that those don’t have, plus I don’t have the space, so no gas here for a change :slight_smile:

Juno 106 was one of the very first synths I fell in love with, the layout of this DeepMind rekindles that spark and really makes me want to push some faders!

This is pretty damn exciting. I don’t have an analog poly and if this can hold its own against the ob6 then I might have saved a lot of money!